Spring Up Speed Up


Kate Bush

Flower Power by Mike Garten

Frida Gustavsson for Peek & Cloppenburg S/S 2013

I was tagged by coolest kid ever jinkx-it to do a drag race version of the ~accent challenge~ argh I can’t believe I did this I’m so nervous orz what if I said something dumb and it gets turned into a meme or something wHO KNOWS


Name and URL


Favorite queen

Go to lip sync song

What would your drag name be

Favorite Rupaul saying

Favorite wow series and/or web show done by one of the queens

Favorite fight

Favorite album or single done by a queen on the show

Favorite mini challenge

optional: Queen OTP

ok they’re from australia and so i have a firm understanding of their accents already but I tag waitingfordesire sailor-awesome ouji-kei and front-row-fish even though they’ll all show me up w their hilarity, and kajsaunicorn!


well ofc i had to make a lame-o dela edit too. she is my other sweet angel


Food stand at Isle of Palms Beach. Charleston, SC, 2011. 


TOY MARCH ☆ Karin × RockChen



well it looks like were both happy 2 hold hands then how does that make u FEEL huH PUNK u wanna go I’ll hold ur hand any time any place don’t try me,

update: contestants of jinkxapalooza continue to battle on !!! !!!!!!!’